Blog Blitz! Take a chance to win a Chick-Fil-A gift card!

Blog Blitz Scavenger HuntThere are 2 questions from each of Pastor Jeff’s Blog Posts.  Choose 20 of the 30 questions to answer.  Write the question numbers and answers only on a sheet of paper.  Place your answer sheet in the box in the Vestibule no later than the end of the 10/06 PM service.  Don’t forget your name!

1.      What is God’s unique name? 

2.      According to Pastor Jeff, whose calling is it to preach, teach, disciple, and lead? 

3.      What were we never designed to live in?   

4.      There is no need to worry because God is in our what? 

5.      What is the new way for salvation ushered in by Jesus? 

6.      In order for missions to be foremost in our church, what must it first be foremost in?

7.      Who desires all of us to come to repentance? 

8.      What will God bring into view? 

9.      Who gives us the very first evidence of thankfulness in Scripture? 

10.  What famous preacher said, “A spirit of thankfulness is one of the most distinctive marks of a Christian whose heart is attune to the Lord. Thank God in the midst of trials and every persecution”? 

11.  How many pictures does Pastor Jeff say are on his phone at the time he wrote a certain blog? 

12.  What question is God calling out?

13.  What is a nickname Pastor Jeff gives to describe his favorite basketball team? 

14.  What can God use to show himself to others?

15.  What famous place does Pastor Jeff describe?

16.  What special day is a “when we remember, reflect, reevaluate, and regather ourselves to live in the manner of our departed friends and relatives”?

17.  What television show does Pastor Jeff say that he and Lana loved? 

18.  What one piece of important news is revealed in Scripture? 

19.  What was the name of the gaming system Pastor Jeff had? 

20.  What is the Scripture reference for the focal verse for VBS? 

21.  Who struggled to hold up his exhausted arms in the Israelites’ battle against the Amalekites?

22.  Who should we grow ever closer to in order to overcome exhaustion?

23.  List 1 of the 4 goals of Satan and his minions.

24.  What should we remind Satan of every time he reminds us of our defeat? 

25.   What is the “GPS” given to every believer by God?  

26.  What is the Scripture reference for the verse Pastor Jeff says is one of his favorites? 

27.  Who do we need instead of Batman, Spiderman, or the Incredible Hulk?

28.  We know that God will be faithful to us during our time on earth because he was faithful to whom during his time on earth?

29.  What is the Scripture reference for the scene in heaven described by John?

30.  What will accomplish one person at a time?

HINT:  The Scavenger Hunt questions are listed in the order the blogs were written.  (You’re welcome! 😊) 

Jan Shields