Worship God.      Love Others.    Create Disciples.

In our worship services, we will sing, pray, listen, and hear God’s Word. Come join us as we worship. During our Sunday School and Wednesday Night Bible Study hour, you will come face to face with others walking through similar issues and having similar concerns as you. As we meet together, you will sense the presence of God and enjoy fellowship with friends. 

We also love people. You will sense this spirit the moment you arrive on our campus. By participating in all of our ministries, you will see the love of God in the heart of our church family. 

An intent of Oakley is to make disciples and develop a spiritual yearning for God. Our goal is to grow in our own relationship with God and to begin to see our mission as reaching out into our community. 

Finally, we seek to fulfill the Great Commission. By reaching our community for Christ, we seek to live out our faith wherever we go. At Oakley, we are excited to be a part of God’s saving plan for the nations. 
We invite you to learn and discover what Oakley has for you. 

Dr. Jeff Johnson

What We Believe

Worship God.

The full premise of the Bible is creating an atmosphere for worship, study and putting faith in God. It's the first commandment (Exodus 20) and the most important aspect of our Church.


Love Others.

Creating a community and serving others is a tangible way we show the love of Jesus to those around us. Ephesians 4:11-16 also tells us that the church community helps better equip us to continue to serve our communities in the the best way possible.


Make Disciples.

The ultimate goal for any Christian is to ensure all people hear the Word of God, believe it and ask Jesus to save their soul (Romans 10:9-10). Consistent study, strong relationships and a faith grounded in the Bible gives us the tools we need to help others understand God's grace and salvation. 


For more details and specifics about our beliefs in salvation, baptism and scripture, please review the Southern Baptist Association Faith and Message.